Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers to the questions that we are often asked by our customers


Q- How does the payment plan work?

We ask for a minimum £200 deposit and then 6 monthly payments.


Q- What do i need to know before my appointment?

Please try to avoid wearing make up or fake tan to avoid staining the dresses.


Q- Do i need to bring all my bridesmaids?

No, your first appointment is all about you so you can secure your package and return and a later date with bridesmaids.


Q- Do i need an appointment?

We aim to provide a 1-2-1 experience where the boutique is all yours for the duration of your appointment, to allow this appointments are preferred.


Q- How many people can I bring?

We would ask you try to bring no more than 4.


Q- How do i find the Boutique

We in Condorrat Main Street located on the first floor above the butchers and newsagent.


Q- Is it suitable for disabled access?

We are located on the 1st Floor and access is via staircase so not suitable for wheelchairs.


Q- How long for delivery?

8-10 weeks, but always allow time for alterations that may be required.